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Brian Wilson Fan Mixes - April 2005
LiFE OF BRiAN Disc: 5
By Ronnie

LiFE OF BRiAN: 5 continues the brilliant Jerry Boyd audio series of Brian Wilson's biography. I've got to say that next to the "Smile" disc, that this is my favorite because it covers the recovery and renaissance of Brian Wilson, albeit when Brian confronts the demons of his past and rediscovers his muse.

While LiFE OF BRiAN: 5 was original intended to be the end of the series, Jerry recently told me that he might do one more which covers GETTING IN OVER MY HEAD and the resurrection of SMILE. So, keep your fingers crossed folks - there might be yet another Jerry Boyd masterpiece in the works! And if the LiFE OF BRiAN series isn't enough, Jerry is also working on a fantasy-type Beach Boys album, tentatively called SMiLE II: THE ELEMENTAL CONCLUSION. Here is how Jerry described it:

"It will have mostly unreleased tracks from SMiLE sessions, Smiley Smile and a lot of the late-60s unreleased stuff, like 'Breakaway', 'Loop De Loop', 'Celebrate The News', 'Can't Wait Too Long', etc., with silly, goofy sound bites in between the tracks, similar to how I made 'SurfClownSMiLE'. That's all on Side One. On Side Two, it's as if Brian were given free reign to do whatever he wanted: in this case, a 17-minute elemental suite called The Elemental Conclusion."

Also, be sure to check out Jerry's TWO STEPS FORWARD: A TRIBUTE TO BRIAN & DENNIS WILSON - it is another gem. I've said it before: Jerry is the hardest working non-musician in rock 'n roll!

DISCLAIMER: The following works that we review are in no way "bootlegs" made for profit or sale. Rather they are simple fan mixes meant to be a tribute to the artistry of Brian Wilson.

Disc 5: Happy Days

This volume covers the recovery and renaissance of Brian Wilson from his first solo album (1988); his reconnecting with his daughters Carnie & Wendy; his work with Van Dyke Parks on ORANGE CRATE ART; the loss of his brother Carl Wilson; and finally Brian's confrontation of his legendary stage fright and his reemergence on the live concert scene with the Wondermints.

My favorite part has to be the telling of the story for Brian's mini-suite "Rio Grande" for his first solo album. It is truly fascinating! As usual, Jerry mixes spoken audio with musical sections for the perfect Brian Wilson audio biography.

Here are the titles of the segments for disc 5, along with the sources used:

1. Landylocked (Love & Mercy demo / Too Much Sugar)
2. A New Masterpiece (Rio Grande rough mixes)
3. Replugging (Linda Ronstadt--Adios)
4. Carnie & Wendy (Wilson Phillips--Flesh & Blood / Brian & Carnie--Bells Of Madness / Brian, Carnie & Wendy--Do It Again / The Wilsons--Everything I Need)
5. Reuniting With An Old Friend (Brian & Van Dyke Parks--San Francisco)
6. Losing Carl (Lay Down Burden)
7. Be Still, Brian (Happy Days)
8. Roxy/Coda (Love & Mercy--Live At The Roxy / Harrod & Funch--Brian Wilson's Room)

Volume 5 is a fitting continuation of the Brian Wilson story - told in Jerry Boyd's unique style. I still say that Jerry's LiFE OF BRiAN series would make a PERFECT radio show! Too bad that radio sucks so badly now. But with music technology changing at such a rapid rate, there are alternatives to classic radio. Only time will tell...

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