Cornish Game Hen, Gothic Chicken, Wilson, The Inexperienced, Garfields Birthday, Simon Felton Click here

MAY 2012
UFO, The Del Fuegos, Ian McNabb, Wool, Retisonic, The Successful Failures, Blue Cheer, John Doe & Exene Cervenka, Tommy Stinson, Crypticus, Scaremaker, Ram, Christian Mistress, Terra Stigma, Element, Doomsday Mourning, Corrosion Of Conformity, Dwellers, Abject, Exumer, I Exist, Gorty Blister, Riotgod, Otto Kinzel, Zeroking, The Devil's Blood, No Trigger, Goatwhore, Acephalix, Def-Con-One, Beak, Sun Gods In Exile, Red Eyed Devil, Stone Axe, Frames Click here

APRIL 2012
Everything Went Black, Rhope, Exciter, Outlaws Of Ravenhurst, Forever Her Nightmare, Liberteer, Darkness Descends, Nitrogods, Haemoth, Trucker Diablo, Stormcrow, Psycroptic, Hate Squad, Someonelse, Without Waves, Stigmhate, Western Syndrome, Lunglust, Lay Down Rotten, Black Skies, Dead Icons, The Sheds, Blood Ceremony, Float Face Down, Avatar, Pilgrim, Xombie, Iron Mask, Not In Portland, Descender, Graveyard Click here

MARCH 2012
Laurie Biagini, Guided By Voices, New Order, David Lowery, Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Dark Forest, Flourishing, Alekhine's Gun, Glyder, Supreme Pain, Illdisposed, Wolves Like Us, Wizard, Revocation ,Black Cobra, Susan Surftone, Throne Of Katarsis, Archgoat Ptahil, Landmine Marathon, Skeletonwitch, Tiger Flowers, The Rotted, Bastard Priest, The Last Vegas, Glorior Belli, The Ritual, Loincloth, Autumn, Redeemer, Cadaveria, Zebulon Pike, King Giant, Lvcifyre, Lisa Bianco, Psycho Enhancer, Ogressa, Skum City, Turrigenous, Infernal Overdrive, The Heels, Carnifex, Astral Doors, Admiron, Old Gods, Pangea, Brutal Truth, This Is Hell, Toxic Holocaust, White Arms Of Athena, Sep7ember, Dead In The Dirt, Nine Covens, Vise Massacre, Rising, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Counterparts, Cyco Miko, Nails, Skin Like Iron, Freedom Hawk, The Slam, Renaissance Of Fools, I Apparatus, Dixie Witch, Super Bob, Hellpie, So Is The Tongue, Sadgiqacea, Grass, Rue, East Of The Wall Click here

Joe Matera, Sing For Your Meat-A Tribute To Guided By Voices, Warren Zanes, Rejection Fetish, Sproton Layer, The Smithereens, Peter Lacey, Art Institute, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Injustice Down, Face the King, Neal Smith, Blue Moon Harem, Verismo, Interstelar, Humana, Voices Of Extreme, Eat The Gun, Grifter, World Under Blood, The New Black, Lies Beneath, End Of Level Boss, Exhumed, Gentlemans Pistols, Isolation, Fear Is Dead, Nami, Serianna, Bringers Of Disease, Gideon Smith And The Dixie Damned, Demonical, Stand Your Ground, Unkind, Vangough, Necrodeath, Ramesses, Powerwolf, Malefice, 40 Watt Sun, Metal Feathers, Korperschwache, Knuckle Up!, Noothgrush Click here

Teneia Sanders & The Highlands, Janet Robbins, The Soulless, Barn Burner, Morbus Chron, Pyrrhon, YOB, The Eruptors, Culo A boca, Hypoxia, Bong, Death Valley Driver, Origin, A Fucking Elephant, El Drugstore, Shraphead, Whitehorse, Enablers, Methodist, Einvera, Cousin Sleaze, Desalmado, Impostor Syndrome, Book Of Black Earth, The Autistics, Iron Lamb, The Quill, Backwoods Payback, Iron Claw, Pathology, Desolate, Red Eyed Devil, Burning Caskets, The Wounded Men, Claudine, Solito, The Black Sheep Band, Taggart, Tommy Keene, Tim Easton, Dot Dash, Grant Hart, Lifeguards, Lonero, Dekapitator, Weird Owl, Fall Of The Albatross, Weekend Nachos, Heirs, Ikillya, Vried, Assaulter, Charetta, Mongrel, Blitzkid, Acephalix, Across Tundras, Seven Witches, Sylosis, Trap Them, Radio Dead Ones, Xibalba, Twisted Tower Dire, Vomitory, Backslider, Nimbus Terrifix, Hail! Hornet, Impiety, Exes For Eyes, Aurvandil, Conny Ochs, Ipsissimus, Believer, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Ancestors, Primordial, Symfonia, Shakra, Suidakra, Baptists, Untimely Demise, Harm's Way, Pentagram, Peste Noire Click here

Tommy Peltier, Random Touch, Eli Cook, A Pale Horse Named Death, Portrait, Neuraxis, Heart Set Self-Destruct, Scale The Summit, Graveyard, Soil Of Ignorance, Wadge Seidr, Bloodiest, Nightshade, Eyes Of The Sun, Escape To Everything, Debauchery, Bloody Ceremony, Beer Corpse, A Broken Code, Echtra, Horde Of Hel, Bulldozer, The Murder And The Harlot, Faithsedge, The August Infinity, Intensus, Obscura, Drainland, Blackwolfgoat, Kvelertak, Anaal Nathrakh, So Hideous My Love, Planks, Borgo Pass, Sourvein, Blackguard, Lock Up, Last Chance To Reason, Looking For An Answer, Mercenary, Mark Deutrom, Generic Concession Stand, Obnox, VYGR, Indestructible Noise Command, Alpinist, Necrodeath, REV 16:8, Liturgy Click here

Richard Snow and the Inlaws, Magic Hero Vs. Rock People, Kenny Chambers, Buffalo Tom, Black Country Communion, Thin Lizzy, The Sid Presley Experience, Bad Religion, OFF!, Night Birds, Wire, Daniel Isaiah, Gods Green Earth, Dead Fish Handshake, Kingdom Come, Stratovarius, Beardfish, Agnostic Front, Tesseract, Face The Fiasco, Hell, Xerath, While Heaven Wept, A Life Divided, Aboraphobic Nosebleed, Despise You, Indian, De Magia Veterum, Chrome Division, The Gates Of Slumber, The Warriors, Scar Symmetry, Gotham City Mashers, Voodoo Circle, Taletellers, Dr. Acula, American Heritage, Cypher Seer, Cynthesis, Solar Fragment, La Fin Absolute Du Monde, Embrace Agony, Dangerous New Machine, Dirty Americans, The Budrows, XII Boar, David Lightbourn, Rotten Sound, Lecherous Gaze, Vicious Rumors, Darkest Era, Ektomorf, Horned Almighty, Made of Hate, Tia Carrera, Betzefer, My Inner Burning, Exit 53, Total Fucking Destruction, Abject, Abysmal Dawn, Bloodshot, Dragged Into Sunlight, Turisas, Woods Of Ypres, Until Your Heart Stops, Roger Miret And The Disasters, Architects, Arkhum, Condemned?, Roadsaw, Clandestine, The Beast Of The Apocalypse, The Defaced, Macabre, Pale Chalice Click here

istDotsun Moon, Long Distance Calling, Lo-Pan, Lazarus Ad, Demonaz, Electric Wizard, Jag Panzer, The Meads Of Asphodel, Deicide, Drugs Of Faith, Firebird, The Paranoid Critical Revolution, Across The Sun, The Ocean, Crystal Viper, Weedeater, Exemption, Dotma, Brennan Dylan, Madlife, Astrosoniq, Helstar, Demilitia, Noisear, Architects Of A Broken Design, Cauldron, Balfor, Wino, Odd Dimension, Havok, Nekromantheon, Bob Wayne, Sleepies, Onslaught, Jolly, The Very End Click here

Tokyo Rosenthal, Garfields Birthday, Baby Woodrose, David LaFleur, About Group, David Michael, Titan, Algaion, Royal Thunder, God Dethroned, Tombs, Black Sleep Of Kali, Demonic Resurrection, Eastern Front, Windfaerer, Dukalaton, Belphegor, Dark Black, Red Giant, Calm Hatchery, Gristle, Ion, 36 Crazyfists, Tuck From Hell, Hour Of 13, Beehoover, Rabbits, The Absence, Rival Sons, Georgian Skull, Serpent Throne, The Antikaroshi, Bruce Lamont, Shroud Eater, Ghost, Attackhead, Full Blown Chaos, Murder Construct, Thomas Giles, Gozu, Wive, Abigail Williams, Nightfall, Crucifire, Wojczech, Withered, Glyder, Bot, Cue The Sun, The Roast Beef Curtains, Sweet Cobra, Within The Ruins, Coldsnap, Winterfylleth, Sons Of Tonatiuh, Beneath The Massacre, Evocation, Infernaeon, Holy Grail, Hail Of Bullets, Intronaut, Facebreaker, Obsidian, Daath, Athorn, The Atlas Moth, New London Fire, Ross The Boss, Witchsorrow, Kryoburn, Amorphis, Dimentianon, King Of Asgard, Cephalic Carnage, Viral Load, Putrid Pile, Adorned Brood, Melechesh, Del Rey, Kill The Client, Whores Of Tijuana Click here

Juliana Hatfield, Peter Case, Carnival Season, Javier Escovedo, Finger, Clinical Trials, Joey Stuckey, Olekranon, Leisure Class, Nick Lowe, Wretched, US Christmas, Woe, Mikingmihrab, Downspirit, Interment, Frenzy, Christian Mistress, Hull, Pro-Pain, Lizard Skynard, Nobody Lives Forever, Dawn Of Ashes, Unearthly Trance, Wolfshade, Encoffination, Bastard Priest, La Otracina, Bad Cop, Complete Failure, Fleshwrought, Krieg, Risk/Reward, Earth, For Every Story Untold, Todd Snider, The Gray Lions, Katie Davis, Alive In Stereo, Thieves And Villians, Negligence, Left In Ruins, Thee Nosebleeds, Mini Mansions, Diskreet, October Tide, Agothacles, Gwar, Place Of Skulls, Unsun, The Paparazzi, The Last Stand, Closenuf, All Out War, Earthride, Vagina Panther, Destitute-CEO, Salem, Dali's Llama, Helmet, Meltgsnow, Phobia, Corrosion Of Conformity, Righteous Fool, Neaera, Mad Sin, Broughton's Rules, Conspiracy, Oceano, Downslave, Cough, Braindead/Erfiq, Circle Of Animals, Father Befouled, The Secret, In Mourning, Forbidden, Comeback Kid, Atlantean Kodex, Dakrya, Necrite, Circledown, The Wretched End, Nails, Emergency Gate, Sacred 13, The Crown, Hero Destroyed, Filter, The Blame, Creation's End, Gypsyhawk Click here

Various Artists-"Rockin' the Mistletoe", Al Jardine, Various Artists-“Natural Selections Vol. 1”, White & White, Dot Dash, Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters, The Spears, Sweet Apple, Street Dogs, Thinning The Herd, Riotgod, The High Confessions, Talking To Walls, City of Fire, Park After Dark, Dusted Angel, Black River, Horseback, Sasquatch, Ashers, Malevolent Creation, Antogonist, Shapes, The Generators, System Divide, Return to Earth, Iron Thrones, Tangents, Dead Emotion, The Sleeping, Hello Nurse, The Adicts, Valdur, Black Anvil, Decembers Fall Click here

Dragontears, Zac and Janna, Bangtower, Chambers, Kozeljnik, Delain, Votum, The Brought Low, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Mr. Haynes, Woody Russell, Armagedda, Karma Never Forgives, Bonded By Blood, Blood Of Kingu, King Giant, What Remains, Proghma-C, Heathen Foray, Boris / Ian Astbury, Moth Eater, Accept, Warfear, Solace, Hell Within, Master, Sarah Jezebel Deva, The Funeral Pyre, Trigger the Bloodshed, Hawkwind, The Acacia Strain, Quest of Aidance, Sped, Mighty High, Stone Axe, Engrained, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Lightning Swords of Death, Digamy, Masterplan, Leviathan, Chris Laney, Canvan Solaris, Soilwork, JPT Scare Band, A Body, An Evening With, Aeon, Istapp, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Early Man, Whitechapel, Pete Sanchez, Allegaeon, Mose Giganticus, Waking the Cadaver, This Comp Kills Fascists, Octaves, Age Of End, The Fucking Wrath, Resolution 15, Morbid Carnage, S.M.U.T, Empyreon, Nice New Outfit, Schleusolz Click here

Snatch Magnet, Jerry Jennings, M-16, And Hell Followed With, The Casting Out, A Forest of Stars, Brain Drill, 1349, Grave, Kissin' Dynamite, As I Lay Dying, OV Hell, Dew Scented, Barren Earth, Setherial, Criminal Element, Unstoppagle Death Machines, Karma To Burn, Blaze Bayley, Decrepit Birth, Montana 1948, Misery Index, Shadow Of Demise, Catanonic Disassembly, Keep of Kalessin, Ramesses, Bob Pressner, Black Tusk, Change Today, Remaindermen, Masakari, Andy Gassaway, Al Jardine, Seasons After, Rosetta, Year of No Light, Schleusolz, Anchored, Downshallow, Nonpoint, Early Graves, Diabulus In Musica, Mouth of the Architect, Fatal Embrace, Ingested, Triumfall, October File, Big Ball, The Daisy Anthesis, Portal, Jackyl, The Breathing Process, Locusta, Jeff Beck, Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere, Bobby Charles, T-Model Ford, Scott Morgan, Blue Rodeo, Waylon Jennings, Justin Currie, Merle Haggard, Jakob Dylan, Drive-By Truckers Click here

Mehran, The Funky Knights, Angelfire - Steve Morse & Sarah Spencer, Stimulator, Inoculist, Expo, Flourishing, Walter Schreifels, Symphony In Demeanor, The Tygers, The Dirty White, Joe Stuckey, Streetlamps For Spotlights, Left Lane Cruiser, Culted, The Ocean, Kivimetsan Druidi, Scorpions, TSI, Hacienda, The Telescopes, Random Touch, Big Daddy Love, The Abominable Iron Sloth, Kings Destroy, Solution 45, The Forecast, Unholy Grave, Bison BC, Cathedral, Kills and Thrills, Danko Jones, Straphangers, Jessica Delfino, Armas Gathas, Gypsyhawk, Damsel, D.I.S., Woe Of Tyrants, Pain, Aun/Habsyll, Aluk Todolo, What Cheer? Brigade, Rusted Dawn, Howl, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Aldaaron, Annotations of An Autopsy, Charred Walls of the Damned, Vicio, Renae, This Moment In Black History, Heathen, Fozzy, Tribella, Stellar Vector, Gamma Ray, Psycho, Enthroned, Wormrot, Anima, Unleashed, The August Infinity, Rifoki, Ragnarok, Stark, The Crinn, Mason Reed, Lair of the Minotaur, Nekrasov, Aderlating, Mike Pacheco, Armored Saint, NAAM, Psycho Enhancer, Descender, Overmaster, Year Long Disaster, Sayyadina, Raven, Shazam, Frank Sinatra, Tom Petty, Isaac Hays, Nathaniel Mayer, Brimstone Howl, Buffalo Killers, Landmine Marathon, Batusis, Haken, Exodus, Haverstman/US Christmas/Minsk, Icarus Witch, Wuthering Heights, Slam One Down, Order of Ennead, Trident, Rotten Sound, Uffomammut, Jon Oliva's Pain, Orwell Click here

Gavin Guss, The Shake Ups, Die Wasted, The Dolly Rocker Movement, Paper The Operator, Calabrese III, Noriega, VTT, Orphaned Land, Sons of Azrael, White Wizzard, Arsis, Liquid Divine, Hydrovibe, Barnburner, Lesion, Aeternam, Indyus, AM Conspiracy, Face Value, The Deadlyz, A Family Plot, Vultus, Mnemic, XP8, Bona To Vada, Balaclava, Social Standards, Relevant Dead, Killing Time, Valkyrja, Killcode, Sectioned, Nassau Chainsaw, Immolation, Atrolicty Solution Click here

Ringo Ska, The Graves Brothers Deluxe, Aetherius Obscuritas, Javelina, Struck By Lightning, Swallow The Sun, Skeletonwitch, King Hell, M┼NEGARM, Dark Funeral, Pistol Whip, Deathalizer, Leo Biollo, The Resurrection Sorrow, Baroness, Impious, Megasus, Karnivool, Immortal, Sexstone, Aosoth, Picastro, Fear Report, Inferno, Six Feet Under, Grendel, Grind Madness At The BBC Click here

Scar Symmetry, The Erupters, Mr. Death, Raise the Red Lantern, White Mice, Exemption, Hypocrisy, Tonight We Ride, Handful of Hate, Wizardry, Gama Bomb, Gorgoroth, Belphegor, Tin Huey, Fight Amp, Diablo Royale, Devin Townsend, Gods Green Earth, Walken, Ruby Bullet, Dali's Llama, Ichabod, Nile, DOA, The Red Chord, Slayer Click here

Surf City Allstars, Blind Anabaptist Blues, Guitar Bomb, Mondo Jetset, Simon Felton, Anton Barbeau, Peter Lacey, Arthur Hinds, The Crimson Armada, Job For a Cowboy, Dogs Of Winter, The Hated, Gnaw Their Tongues, Echoes Of Eternity, Augury, As You Drown, Cryptic Tales, The Few Against Many, Municipal Waste, The Accused, Blood of the Prophets, Your Demise, Burnt By The Sun, Hardcore Superstar, Arch Enemy, Overmars, Gwar, The Black, Behemoth, Subarachnoid Space, Liturgy, Funkface, Harvestman, Litmus, Tenet, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Valkyrja, Vader, White Wizzard, Mugs, Despised Icon, Circadian Skizm, Evergreen Terrace, Armed For Apocalypse, Abacinate, The Black Dahlia Murder, Sanctification, My Own Death, Karnivool, Gwynbleidd, Pestilential Shadows, Annunaki, Anticosm, Leaves Eyes, Amy Lynn and the Gun Show, Faust, Power Pellut, Midnight Fistfight, Krum Bums, Throneum, While Heaven Wept, The Destro, Helen Money, Dyse Click here

Peter Lacey & Stephen John Kalinich, Strangefinger, Tournament, Pitfight, Ambassador Gun, God Dethroned, Exilia, Ravage, The Defibulators, Laudanum, Sonata Arctica, Firebird, Shakra, Church Of Misery, Light This City, Danko Jones, Darkness Dynamite, Chord, Malfeitor, Molotov Solution, Moss, Goatwhore, Suffocation, Eryn Non Dae, Merauder, Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky, Graves of Valor, Antigama, Voivod, Dejha Colantuono, Mumakil, Birds of Prey, Astra, Hail of Bullets, Bone Gnawer, Red Eyed Devil, Eyes Of Noctum, Kim Rose, KK Null, Lazarus Ad, Infernal STronghold, Necrophobic, Spheric Universe Experience, The Boy Will Drown, Dark Castle, Tim Ripper Owens, Father Of Sin, Conspiracy, We Insist!, Blood Red Throne, Skum City, Charetta, Necrophobic, Sworn Enemy, Mile Marker Zero, Delain, The Antikaroshi, Elwood Emission, Alexisonfire, Unholy, Emery, Wrench, Axis Powers, Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, Death By Stereo, Animals As Leaders, Ektomorf, Minsk, Old Man's Child, Ex-Deo, Warbringer, The New Black, Grief of War, Iconicide, Napalm Death Click here

Olde York, Candlemass, Empire of Dust, The Human Quena Orchestra, East Forest, Ignominious Incarceration, Blinding Eye Dog, Thinning The Herd, Vanmakt, Doorm (Transitive Verb), Celan, Impiety, Slough Feg, Burial Hordes, Oceano, Devils Whorehouse, Mothra, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Ensoph, Orcustus, Arise, Deceiver, Landing Project, Endstille, Cauldron, Samael, Ephel Duath, Prong, I See Stars, Crescent Shield, Ebenezer, The Bakerton Group, Closer, Necroblaspheme, Sylosis, Esoteric, Billy Club Sandwich, Landmine Marathon, The Eruptors, Heavy Metal Killers, Gnaw, From Jupiter, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Cold Northern Vengeance, Buried Inside, Netherbird, Narcosis, Darkane, Architect, The Headie Berrie, Tombs, New Day Dawn, Insect Warfare, Blood of the Black Owl, Kylesa, Leprous, Wolves in the Throne Room, Leaf, Punk Rock Karaoke, The Veer Union, Millions, Seance, Julie the Band, Gollum, Man In Black, Persona Non Grata, Assaulter, Crown the Lost, The Raygun Girls, Unknown Instructors, Edguy, Unanimated, Egoist, Lord Mantis Click here

Peter Lacey, Single Frame, Ray Davies, The Willycranes, Downlord, Streetlamps For Spotlights, Oblio, Insomnium, Wuthering Heights, Herod, They Might Be Giants, Ellen Cherry, Jake Stigers, Del Rey & The Sun Kings, Atrocity, The Mobile Mob Freakshow, PPT, The Old Ceremony, Drayton Michaels, Robert Pollard, Ferocious Eagle, Paper Airplanes, The Brothers Dimm, The Icicle Works, Eyes of Argus, Graf Orlock, Disciple, The Tiny, To-Mera, Exitium, Acumen Nation, Lecherous Nocturne, Thy Disease, A Static Lullaby, Demise, Lower Forty-Eight, The Roman Numerals, Spitalfield, Anti-Hero, The John Doe Thing, The Human Abstract, Silencer, Allhelluja, Chrome Helmet, Skelter, The American Black Lung, Zero Hour, It Dies Today, Twelve Tribes, Japinische Kampfhorspiele, Hella, The October, The Spirit Girls, Xasthur, Shadow Demon, Death Breath Click here

Madisonprep, Graveyard Riot, Nelson Bragg, Ultra Dolphins, The Hope Conspiracy, The Chelsea Smiles, The Corner Laughers, Opeth, Hands Down Eugene, J. Forte, Monstrous, Drats!!!, Full Blown Chaos, Sunno))) & Boris, Philpot, The Spares, Drugs of Faith, Walls of Jericho, Julie Gribble, The Steve Wilson Band, Alien Ant Farm, The Atomic Bitchwax, Dead Hearts, Talia Segal, Everyday Atlas, Terra Diablo, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Blood Vessels, Lokyata, Vice Squad, The Abuse, Mercy Fall, Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers, Scissorfight, False Alliance, Giuntini Project, Signal Home, Across Tundras, Rhapsody Of Fire, Phathom, Fleshgore, Blade of the Ripper, Bible of the Devil, Every New Day, Pere Ubu, Protest The Hero, Giant Squid, Agalloch, Seemless, Torchbearer, OPM, XXX Maniak, On The Last Day, Dead Man In Reno, Darkane, Blind Guardian, Your Eyes My Dreams, Daughters, Silent Civilian, Hammerfall, From A Second Story Window, The Break In, Threat Signal, Mitra, Sikth, Trendkill, Various Artists-"Drum Nation", The Black Maria, Desolate, Made Out Of Babies, Endwell, Death Before Disco, Hot One, Generals And Majors, Suffocation, Set Your Goals, Rory Gallagher, Drive By, Tenebre, 1090 Club, Spiritual, Wired All Wrong, Iscariot, Gatsbys American Dream, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Fuck the Facts, Negative Reaction, The Distance, Bury Your Dead, Twin Method, Rojo Diablo, Birds Of Prey, Les Aus, Keith Caputo, War of Ages, Geisha Girls, Murdered, Terrorizer, Dragonforce, Gojira, Starkweather, The Bronx, Mouth of the Architect, The Motion, Sick on the Bus, Various Artists -"Go-Kart Vs. The Corporate Giant 4", The Overdogs, Narziss, I Got Shot In The Face, Hammers Of Misfortune, Jucifer, Verismo, Los Natas, Iron Maiden, Thebleedingalarm, Ironhead, Planet of 9, Theatre of Tragedy, Unexpect, Black Fiction, Atomic Number 76, Voivod, Cristalix, Unearth, Gorgoroth, Landmine Marathon, Lamb of God, A((WakeE)), Against Me!, Imagika, Wolverine, Nueva Etica, Flattbush, Sahg, Robots and Empire, Damage Case, Blitzkid, Maximum RNR, Dead To Me, Jungle Rot, Guttermouth, California Redemption, Start The Panic, Goatwhore, The Seventh Cross, Evaline, Isis, Jotunspor, Cerberus, Spektr, Day Without Dawn, Authority Zero, The Citizens, Vicious Circle, Hatebreed, Striborg, Mahavatar, Intronaut, Take My Chances, Setherial, Skyforger, Time Requiem, Boys Like Girls, Aloke, Jesus and the Devil, Estradasphere, Modern Life Is War, Dead Rabbits, Saosin Click here

Complete Control, Krum Bums, The Strays, The Joneses, Various Artists-"Death By Salt 2", The Loved Ones, Jules Shear, Freeheat, The Dirty Novels, The Doxies, Unison, Dennis Most And The Instigators, Horace Pinker, Chris Bailey & The General Dog, The Electric Kisses, Various Artists-"Full Breach Kicks CD Sampler #1", Ellie Come Home, The Stills, Marty Rudnick, Kevin K, Between Two Lions, Atomic Buddha, Three Peace, Kevin Bilchik, Kottak, Ouija Radio, Dark Water Transit, Hail The Size, Betsy Spivak, Tom Staley And Rick Harper, Hallelujah Boy, Tobias Frobera, When The Big River Floods, Andrew Benon, The Chelsea Smiles, Future Whirl, Strangefire, Various Artists-"Easy To Be Free: The Songs Of Rick Nelson", 3 Pill Morning, Skittish, Black Diamond Heavies, Radio Moscow, The Bloody Hollies, Atakhama, Divided By Zero, Crash Romeo, Ignite, Roses Are Red, Enochian Crescent, Obscurant, To This Day, Jed, Slave Zero, Bad Lieutenants, Crash Kelly, The Junior Varsity, Black Crucifixion, Urkraft, The Drama Summer, Silverstein, Anata, Nachtmystium, Rock City Morgue, Thor, Lye By Mistake, Vermin, Harlots, Divider, Necrophobic, Since Remembered, Cattle Decapitation, Fall Of Serenity, Stonegard, Society 1, Between the Buried and Me, Vader, Burn In Silence, Misery Speaks, Riverboat Gamblers, The Exploding Madonna, Jesu, ((sounder)), Darker My Love, Wolverine, Deciding Tonight, The Modern Day Saint, The Warriors, The Black Spoons, Dirty Rig, Hymns, Zao, The City Drive, Ostinato, The Last Vegas, The Putrid Flowers Click here

What The...?, Paul Minor, Die Hunns, Temper Tantrum, Lacuna Coil, Magic Tramps, Body Count, Boris, Zombi, Dissection, Sad Girl, A.M. Elevator, Bad Lieutenants, Jil Station, Shallow Water Grave, Celestiial, Hed PE, Dysrhythmia, Deadstar Asembly, Elvenking, Wydown, Emily Herring, The Mains, Olga, Robin Horlock Band, Brown Shoe, Daddy Long Legs, Debbie Watson, First Blood, Skinless, She Said Destroy, Keep of Kalessin, Hourcast, Trophy Scars, Enslaved, Valient Thorr, The Accursed, Steppin' Blind, Raul Malo, Hitchcock Blonde, Eddie Cohn, Envy, Michael Garfield, Anthill, Justin Beckler, Kit Smith & Tanya Livingstone, Auto Vaughn, The Sleeping, The Illuminati, Demented Are Go, Bludgeon, Rory Block, The Working Title, John T. Baker, The Awkward Romance, Lonesome Travelers, Los Abandoned, The Strange, Keeve Brine, Sinister, The Raygun Girls, Sahg, Viking Skull, F-Units, Milton And The Devils Party, Cabin Dogs, Cal Williams, Jr., Bebek, Merendine Atomiche, Attitude, Guns Up!, Misery Index, Fall of Serenity, Deadsoil, Cult of Luna, Bal-Sagoth, This Is Hell, Catch 22, Vried, and The Wayward Click here

Lindsay Rakers Band, Buzzcocks, Def Leppard, Tim Easton, Killing Joke, Phil Aiken, Symphony In Demeanor, The Church, The Campbells, Monica Attell, The Patryk Brothers, Rob Dickinson, John Mooney, The Dischargers, Path of Resistance, Twelfth Gate, Gat-Rot, Moonspell, Black Cobra, Cretin, Human Television, In Extremis, Laws of Gravity, Gadget, Don Caballero, Fleshgore, Matadors, Saviors, The Unsacred Hearts, La Quiete, Dead By Wednesday, Oblomov, The Ruins of Beverast, November Coming Fire, Luca Turilli's Dreamquest, Grifter, Gilgongo, Venom, The Brought Low, Vanden Plas, Various Artists-"Trustkill Takeover", Arthritic Foot Soldiers, The Destroyed, Enforsaken, Savage Circus, Future Primitive, Kataklysm, The Gersch, Raunchy, Amorphis, Witchery, Good Riddance, Nights Like These, Sick Of It All, Miles Away, Caliban, Aunt Hildegard, Antler, Ishahn, Endstand, Speakers For The Dead, Crucified Barbara, Abysmal Dawn, Oakley Hall, Zyklon, The Forecast, Battered, John Wilkes Booth, The Bronx Is Burning, Starkweather, and Cyan Click here

Living Things, Grave For The Fireflies, Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs, Buckcherry, Steve Angel Project, The Horrorpops, Silent Civilian, Finding Mercury, Erasure, k.d. lang, Sondre Lerche, The Rewinds, The Heavy Blinkers, Bashi Bazooka, Dennis Bagwell, The Fabulous Rudies, Chris Koza, Churchill’s Tractor, The Ralph Jones Band, The High Pink Clouds, Milky Ways, Thee Crucials, SSM, Queensryche, Adair, So They Say, Stavesacre, Grey Skies Fallen, The Abominable Iron Sloth, The Smackdown, Mudley, Mower, Herman Rarebell, Dead to Fall, Darsombra, Mord, Five Horse Johnson, Keep It Secret, Leviathan, Sapthuran, Event Horizon, Upon Infliction, Anchors Away, Various Artists-"Headbangers Ball: The Revenge", Think I Care, Cronian, Sigma, Nihilist, Between the Wars, Society's Finest, Graves at Sea, Asunder, OSI, Tower of Rome, Body Part Trophy Case, The Obsessed, Maximum Penalty, Defcon 4, Killing Joke, Incarnated, Set Your Goals, Throttlerod, Threepeace, Vena Amori, Thyrane, DKLIMB, Amoral, Hollis Browne, Dog Fashion Disco, Spielerfrau and Godamhate Click here

Chicago, Arctic Monkeys, The Shocker, Spencer Bates, The Corrs, The Chieftains, Shofar, Cherubs, Burr Settles, Thumpermonkey Lives!, Adrianne Lenker, Bi-Level, Anushka Pop, The Bank Robbers, Tipton Entwistle & Powell, Krescent 4, Lane Steinberg, The Stock Market Crash, Sophie Barker, Kevin Delaney, The Churchills, Women In Docs, Los Lobos, The Broadcast Debut, World Party, Various Artists-"From U.S. to I", Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Crashbox, Model One, The Itch, Spencer Owen, John Sonntag, Bill Bryant, Ben Vaughn, Gillis, The Hawk, Kris Miller, Chris Bryan, The Trust, Stutter, Suit Of Lights, Jeffrey Harrison, Katrina Parker, Jeff Eaton, Son Of The Soil, Carolyn Justice, Pharoah, Maegashira, The Venda, The Unfolding, Bleeding Through, The Deviant, Waterdown, Xasthur, Leviathan, Dryline, Dixie Witch, Brunt of it, Madrepore, Truckfighters, Wolves in the Throne Room, Dio, The Chuck Norris Experiment, Ultralord, Katatonia, Movies with Heroes, Hevein, Kingdust, Buckcherry, Ligeia, Lair of the Minotaur, Bullet for My Valentine, A Life Once Lost, Nonpoint, Nachtmystium, Place of Skulls, Section 8 Cartel, Jack's Cannonball, Mode, Wicked Wisdom, Bleeding Kansas, and Loudness Click here

Prussian Blue, Rhino Bucket, The Roy Owens Jr., The Foundry Field Recordings, Juliana Hatfield, The Bomb, Porch Mob, The Minus Five, Tommy Keene, Babies With Rabies, The Selmanaires, Todd Lemoine, The Death Set, Landspeedrecord!, The Boy Least Likely To, Matt Roberts, Gus Black, Madrepore, Bang! Bang!, Radio Silence, The Payola Reserve, The Patron Saints, The Big Tease, Jews And Catholics, Lake of Falcons, Enlow, Nightmare, Shakra, Scarlet, Rhapsody, Nebula, Craft, A Wilhelm Scream, Dozer, Action Action, Satariel, The Project Hate, Eastern Youth, CJ Sleez, Human Television, Century, Ironbound NYC, Sworn Enemy, Architects, The Sword, Kayo Dot, This Charmin Man, Thyrfing, Bitterweed, One Dead Three Wounded, Of Graves and Gods, Decapitated, XBishopX, Last Laugh, Daylight Dies, Greatdayforup, Intronaut, Object, Kill Cheerleader, Sepultura, Daddy X, Through Elysium, The Mandate of Heaven, Ensoph, Magrudergrind, Shitstorm, Crack Puppy, Seven Witches, The Autumn Offering, Remembering Never, Hawthorne Heights, Vader, Mastery, Dismember, Social Hero, and Ultra Dolphins Click here

Chicago, Dr. Dog, Herb Albert&rrsquo;s Tijuana Brass, Cadence, Innocent Noise, Burnshee Thornside, DJ Markitos, Mambo Sons, Hailey Wojcik, Uncle Dave Huber, Three Fantastic, JD Crane, Down To This, Last Falling, Deaf Pedestrians, Proudflesh, Anton Barbeau, The Black Watch, Jake Stigers, Velvet Brick, Nick Robin, Rhett Miller, Bancroft, The Soda Pop Kids, Leslie Clemmons, Bathtub Shitter, The Sayers, JParis, Scott Reeder, Queen V, Skullpls, The Illuminati, Biolich, Various Artists-Old Skars and Upstarts 505, Cruiserweight, Dark Funeral, Dir En Grey, Coliseum/Doomriders, Dysrhythmia, Snake Eyes, Nervous Nellie, Dracula Zombie USA, The Old Scratch Revival Singers, Various Artists-Flying High Again, Jizzy Pearl, Beat Strings, Degree Absolute, Antigama, F-Minus, A Dozen Furies, Neshamah, The Blackout Pact, Hate, The Gecko Brothers, Hate Profile, Moments in Grace, Mastic Scum, The Hellacopters, Suicide City, The Outside, Non-Human Level, D.O.A., Fake H, Ephel Duath, Vore, Torche, Alchemy X, Canvas Solaris, Various Artists-Go Contrary Go Sing, Face the Truth, The Frantic, Ewigkeit, Thrice, Vheissu, Soulfly, Insense, Sevendust, The Tony Danza Tapdace Extravaganza, Dark Haven, Khanate, If Hope Dies, Between the Buried and Me, Amps II Eleven, Vaux, Fivespeed, Sponge, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Clawfinger, Electric Six, The Ocean, and Bad Wizard Click here

Madooo, Talking Heads, Roberta Flack, Crosby Stills & Nash, South Filthy, The Eames Era, The Boroughs, Matthew Thomas, The Limit, Lisa DeBenedictis, Julia Othmer, The A-Sides, The Love Drunks, North To Emerson, Judy Klass, Kirsten Davies, CSB, Jared Barkan, Andrei Arsene, Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, Tarentella, David Cousino, Gary Hankins Spot of Blue, Relic Rust, Mistic Rein, Stranger Lazy, The Accident That Led Me To The World, Richard Butler, Various Artists-"High School Reunion-A Tribute to All Those Great 80’s Films", Ryan Adams, Robyn Hitchcock, John Doe, Paul Weller, Robert Pollard, Mark Gardener (with Goldrush), The Fiction, Creozoth, Vile, With Resistance, Tommy and the Terrors, Nuse, Taken, Catheter, The Smashup, 45 Greve, Destruction, Gojira, Reds, The Thieves, Doomriders, Dragonlord, I Farm, Earthride, Suplecs, Severe Torture, Rosetta, Hacride, So I had to Shoot Him, Shattered Realm, Bronx Casket Co., Zero Hour, The Black Halos, Mors Principium EST, Scum, Sinaloa, Slave to the System, Carbomb, Dogs of Winter, Khold, Divine Empire, The Berzerke, Supervillain, Hinder, Fenix TX, Fall River, The Boils, Spiritu/Village of Dead Roads, Cave In, The Deacons, The Classic Struggle, Swimmers, Devildriver, Twenty Four Hours to Live, Kola Koka Death Squad, Six Feet Under, Inked in blood, Sputterdoll, Once For All, Obituary, and Himsa Click here

Urgencies, Rock ‘N’ Roll Stormtroopers, Cowboy Mouth, The Apparitions, Yawn Temiseva, Purr Bats, When Girls Collide, Lozenge, Trigger Point, Final Breath, Cerberus, The Lifted, Rikets, Various Artists-"Roadrunner United", Shenoah, Early Man, Unearth, Wet Animal, System of a Down, Darediablo, Lord Belial, Gravity Propulsion System, Parabellum, Rob Rock, Inertia, Atomic Number 76, Drag Citizen, Skullfuzz, Calico System, Loki the Grump, Wojczech, Sepultura, Black Label Society, Rosencrantz, The Ark, Irate, Atomic Violet, Ill Paisanos, The Fire Still Burns, Stride, The Tenth Circle, Ruiner, Baxter House, Sourvein, Texas is on Fire, Martha Berner, and Model One. Click here

Orange Hat, Consumption, Glovebox, Think Of 3, Tony Travalini, Various Artists-,"Looking To The Future As Well As The Past", Motorhead, Jukebox Zeros, Juniper, TV For Dogs, Self Delusion, Nirvana, Morricone Youth, Brian Wilson, Michael McDonald, Adam Evil & The Outside Royalty, Malcolm Palmer, The Cainrazers, Joshua Schramm, Tommy And The Terrors, The Boils, Isaac Hayes, John Fogerty, Troy Lukkarila, The Donuts, The Vincent Black Shadow, Electric Frankenstein, Various Artists-"I Am The Resurrection: A Tribute To John Fahey", John Fahey, Various Artists-"Numbers From the Beast: An All Star Salute to Iron Maiden", Rick Springfield, F5, Various Artists-"Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004", Various Artists-"Masters of Horror", Bullet For My Valentine, Playing Enemy, Project X, Index Case, Stratovarius, No Turning Back, He Who Corrupts, Beautiful Creatures, 1349, In Arcadia, Weapon 13, The Trouble, Earth, Sunn0))), Miles Away, Detonation, Absu, Epica, Age Of Silence, Audrey Horne, Mikoto, Grimfist, Akercocke, Linea 77, Masterplan, Infliction, Fireball Ministry, Hoods, Thunderstone, Ektomorf, The Secret, Betrayed, Icarus Witch, Osyrus, Black My Heart, Conspiracy of Thought, Lines Into Phoenix, Various Artists-"Take Penacilin Now", Communic, Old Man's Child, Iggy And The Stooges, Candygram For Mongo, The House Of Love, Roma 79, and Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn. Click here

1888, Curt Porter, Todd The Nose, Alice Despard, Linda Draper, "Only In Canada, Eh 77-81, Volume One", The Coffin Lids, The Invisible Eyes, The Hypstrz, The Bosch, Radio Whales, Travis Abercrombie, The Lovetones, The Village Green, D Red, Imogene, Only Now Existing, The Lifted, George Elliot, 45 Grave, Stiletto, The Morning After Girls, Stephen Clair, End of Level Boss, Open Ambarchi, Rigor Sardonicous, Mindgrinder, Twenty After, Sheavy, Horse the Band, Madball, Third Degree, Social Hero, Valencia, The Heuristic, The Terms, Centinex, Blindside, Brick Bath, Bullistic, At All Cost, Fear Factory, Charney Valley, You Will Die, Ringworm, Otto's Daughter, Erik Larson, Soho Violet, Most Precious Blood, Saviours, The Audition, Abeynace, Aiden, Ram-Zet, Ready in 10, Beecher, Fuckshovel, With Honor, Hoods, Snowblood, Johnny Cage is a Fake, Scars of Tomorrow, Gemini Five, Track the Curse, Draugar, Fission, Lacrimas Profundere, The Fallout Project, Send More Paramedics, Fear My Thoughts, Drawn and Quartered, and Anthrax. Click here

Matthew Grimson, Johnny J. Blair, The Aesthetics, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Features, Icarus Witch, Johnny Cash, Emerald Rose, Turn Me On Dead Man, Jennifer Leonhardt, Unknown Component, Steve Northeast, Alicia Keister, Rosetta West, Woody Russell, Street Brats, Les Paul & Friends, The Ruse, Chaz Matthews, The Post, Popstar Assassins, Bag, Mon Electric Bijou, Johnny Society, Pelican, Clutch, Swift, Modern Life Is War, Schleprock, The Junior Varsity, The Black Spoons, Mighty High, Ulver, Antimatter, Ambry, Whores of Tijuana, Fast Eddie, Static X, Suzukiton, Twilight, Novadriver, Just Surrender, The Mass, Fight Paris, Iommi, Throttlerod, Municipal Waste, V:28, Resurrecturis, Jacknife, The Banner, The Fall of Troy, None More Evil, Bedlight for Blue Eyes, Look What I Did, Saint Vitus, Sonic Syndicate, Space Odyssey, Minsk, Ritual Carnage, Embrace Today, Afermath of a Trainwreck, Pro-Pain, Defleshed, In Flames, Nodes of Ranvier, Meshuggah, The Showdown, Various Artists-Punk Rock is Your Friend 6, Johnny Cock and the Nuts, Sentenced, Extol, The Agony Scene, Vivian Campbell, Jon Roniger, Our Lady Peace, Alison Moyet, Labtekwon, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Fashion Design,Jello Biafra with The Melvins, Ian McNabb, New Order, Gratitude, Various Artists-" We Reach-The Music Of The Melvins", Morricone Youth, and C. Click here

Jimmy Webb,The Nein,Garfields Birthday, Nashville Pussy, Simon Felton, George Elliot, The Stooges, Various Artists-Vol. 1 Get Out of My Garage, Punk!, Laura Day, Keesler, Man In Gray, Bloodroot, Skarp, Gabriel James, Julie Gribble, Nausea, Chris Bono, Witchcraft, Borgo Pass, Subterranean Masquerade, Totimoshi, Redemption, Kids Against Combs, Cristalix, Man On Earth, Blood From Stone, Divide the Day, Pro-Pain, Facing New York, A Perfect Murder, Iron Maiden, HC3, Unshine, The Gentleman Callers, The Jena Campaign, Rock ‘N’ Roll Monkey And The Robots, Thee Fine Lines, Barcode, Kids Like Us, Peccatum, Relentless, Life Of Agony, Dark New Day, The New Electric, Various Artists-Taste Of Chaos, Ritual Carnage, Nachtmystium, Small Towns Burn a Little Slower, Drunk Horse, Blessing the Hogs, Mistress, Epica, Impaled Nazarene, Dark Funeral, Horna, Ramesses, Kult Ov Azazel, Dew Scented, YOB, The Nicaea Room, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Divining, Flotsam and Jetsam, Rod Lee, Alicia Keister, Margaret McClure, and Mistic Rein. Click here

Barely 2 Much, Jason Dove, Electric Light Orchestra, Klaatu, Alan Boyd, The A-Sides, Lakota, Marc Bolan T. Rex, Nob Dylan And The Nobsoletes, Nicholas Alan, Templars, Crashed Out, Darkbuster, The Orphans, Gorillaz, The Don’t Stop, Emergency Music, System Noise, Longwave, The Life And Times, Various Artists-"Hurry Home Early–The Songs Of Warren Zevon", Ringo Starr, Tim Miller, Schleprock, The Black Watch, The Divorce, Patient Zero, Various Artists-Don’t Make Me Stab You–Morphius Distribution Sampler", Dan Smolla, Ani Kyd, Dope Smoothie, Pieta Brown, Coffinberry, Lost City Angels, Recourse, The Forecast, Gospel, Synthetic Sixteen, Morgul, Beyond the Flesh, Biomechanical, Boris, Mistress, Aspire, Molly Hatchet, Beecher, Zatokrev, Brand New Sin, On Broken Wings, Silk Helvetika, The Taste of Blood, Trephine, Quell, Manntis, Ben Jackson Group, The Atomic Bitchwax, Divinity Destroyed, Bleed For Me, The Crest, Monolithe, Electric Frankenstein, Agents of Man, Force of Evil, Johnny 5, Darkest Hour, Abandon, The Hatepinks, Figure of Merit, Thrones, Psychophile, Widow, Things Outside the Skin, November Kills, Evolotto, The Jon Benet, Embrace Today, Pistola, Honky, Circus Maximus, Bear Vs. Shark, Blue Monday, Skullflower, Deadbird, Audioslave, Massacre, Thy Endless Wrath, Thor, All Hell Breaks Loose, Galas Pendulum, Hate Eternal, Hypnogaja, Disbelief, La Pestilencia, and New Dead Radio. Click here

Sugar Ray, Mutant Radio, The Jim-Jims, Fountains of Wayne, Collapsar, Holy Frog, I.D.M., Kevin K and the Real Kool Kats, Sonic Angels, Various Artists-"Sunsets and Silhouettes", Motorhead, Linda Draper, Pinkie, Scott Turchin, Wydown, Jerry Fels, The Robert Cray Band, Champion, Nehemiah, FM Bats, The Hatepinks, Runt, Blacklisted, Kill the Thrill, Wrecking Crew, Killwhitneydead, The Bravery, Nile, Coliseum, Monarch, Mercury Switch, Metalium, DieYoung, Stroke 9, Disgorge, Grand Magus, Gods, P.H.O.B.O.S., Demons and Wizards, Nocturne, Dam, Shadow Gallery, Various-"Get Outta Philly", The Duane Peters Gunfight, Presto Ballet, My Shining One, Son of the Mourning, Accursed Dawn, All Shall Perish, Television Hill, Richard X. Heyman, The Crest, Evile, Coram Lethe, Nortt, Xasthur, Bosio, Hollow Ground, Dispatched, Infidel? Castro!, Stutterfly, Mike Verna, David Levin, The PB Army, Overmars, Ichabod, The Future Kings of England, Gordon B. Isnor, Black Label Society, Closenuf, Ghost Orgy, Donnybrook, Orion, Katie Davis, and Joe Songwriter. Click here

Street Brats, Kasabian, Axel Rudi Pell, RPG, "Wild Sazanami Beat! Vol. 2", Paul Westerberg, Superheavygoatass, Brainstorm, King Valley, Will Sartain, Shame Train, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Eyes of the Betrayer, Sirenia, The Go-Betweens, Warp 11, Team Sleep, Neaera, Incantation, Freedom Call, The French Broads, Wammo, The Awkward Romance, The Red Death, Impellitteri, Greyscale, Longwave, Allen Wentz, Losa, Balatonizer, Arms Of Kismet, Kevin K And The Real Kool Kats, Elvis Presley, John Entwistle, Asylum Street Spankers, The Cloud Room, The Templars, The Escaped, Straitjacket, Howling Diablos, Col. Knowledge & The Lickity Splits, The Stoneage Hearts, Greg Aaron, Electric Frankenstein, Henry Rollins, Taught Me, Dream Aria, Michelle Payne, Juliet Turner, The Ancient Enemy, Catastrophic, Man In Gray / Unsacred Hearts, Marduk, Pure Sweet Hell, Mad Hampster, Katy Mae, Kryoburn, Wet Nurse, Merkabah, Highbinder, Congress of Odditties, RIFU, Antigama, Hard Skin, Never Enough, Debris Inc., Clara Venus, Blazed, Seer, Raging Speedhorn, Circa Survive, The Auburn System, Acid King, Shortie, Sinai Beach, Asguard, Gratitude, Downshallow, and Octavia Sperati. Click here

Back In Black, Project: Failing Flesh, Slumber, The Korps, Jukebox Zeros, Severe Torture, Superchrist, Churchill's Tractor, The Graves Brothers Deluxe, The Bloody Tears, Bantam, Cephalic Carnage, Opus Draconis, Aborted, Wolverine, Summers End, Winter Solstice, One Master, Reggie and the Full Effect, Bleeding Kansas, Still Remains, SUNN 0))), Soilwork, Enemy Is Us, The Kinison, American Head Charge, Urgehal, Transient Tractor, The Generators, Gargantula, High On Fire, The Mars Volta, Dopermien, The N.Y. Rel-X, Mennen, The Occasion, Death From Above 1979, No Warning, Gizmachi, Death Before Dishonor, Vicious Art, Divide By Zero, Impiety, Searing Meadow, Corrosion of Conformity, With Passion, and Faultlines Click here

Dash Rip Rock, The Cherry Splits, American Heritage, Beats the Hell Out of Me, HY80, Holden Richards, Feverdream, Joe Perry, Alexis Booth, Toast, November Coming Fire, Opiate for the Masses, Acetate, Watershed, The Once Over Twice, Tarental, Bait, Mando Diao, RU36, Since the Day, Spitalfield, Adema, Bloodbath, Hookers, The Frames, Swallow the Sun, The Nothing, The Phoenix Rising, Dark Tranquility, Crowbar, Pyuria, Callenish Circle, Sturmgeist The Demonaires, Blood Red Throne, The Goodwill, Entombed, George Elliott, Seige of Hate, Crionics, Bottom,Kaamos, The Vacancy, Comeback Kid, November's Doom, The Hidden Hand/ Wooly Mammoth, Icarus Witch, Oathean, Strapping Young Lad, Pete Brag, Sons of Otis, The Black Maria, A Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Chuck Schuldiner, Order of the Ebon Hand, Loftus, Mahavatar, Kaedus Rex, Inside Hollow, Epoch of Unlight, Black Dawn, Transistor Transistor, GZR, Dirty Americans, Chaos Theory, Shelly Phelps, and Patria Jacobs Click here

Roky Erickson, The Generators, Mad Margritt, Billy Jonas, Dave Lemon, Kinski Spiral, Jason Atkinson, Chinaboise, Richard Snow, Various Artists-"Two Steps Forward-A Tribute to Brian & Dennis Wilson", Hard Skin, Ari Hest, Tony Penultimate, The Snake The Cross The Crown’s, The Reverend yO bBRADbURY, Joel Arant, The New York Rel-X, Civet, The Hollow Points, The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours, The RTTS, Pretendo, The Wonder Stuff, The Church, Skeemin’ NoGoods, Vried, Ramesses, Action, Skelter, Urinal Puck Ministries, Various Artists-"Core Til Death III", Antiseen, The Delayed, Bad Moon Music, The Mass, Various Artists -"Organized Crime Compilation", Usurper, Frantic Bleep, Requiem Aeternam, Yyrkoon, Deadly Weapon, Exmortem, Kaada/Patton, Ghostride, Children of Bodom, Overkill, The Mighty Nimbus, Malstrom, Phasm, The Nancy School, Candiria, E-Town Concrete, Diecast, Scenteria, Open Hand, Belef, Enslaved, CIA, By Night, Decibully, Belikose, DMBQ, Imperial, Instead, Mouth of the Architect, Adore, Coulier, Emok, Sweetheart, Visqueen, Dehra Dun, and Impaled Click here

Phame, Jon Fritz, Duff, Distance, Bludshot, Uru, Jensen Bell, The Green Fields, The Stepbrothers, Andrew Octopus, The Donuts, Cult of Luna, Helmet, The Breetles, The Haunted, Tartharia, Pharrah Phosphate, John T. Baker, Chris Robertson, Sick Of It All, Annihilator, Society’s Dogs, Kevin K, Firewood Revival, Darkthrone, King’s X, Glory of This, One True Thing, Adrian Belew, The Rockin’ Pontoons, The BellRays, Sixty Miles Down, Lost Soul, Strychnine, Perfuma, The Fieldmachine, Clouds Forming Crowns, The Matics, The Killer, Nine, Plan of Attack, "Sacto Scene Report", Jim-Jims, Trixie And The Merch Girls, Antiseen, Electric Frankenstein, New York Rel-x, A.P.A., Bloodstained Kings, Radicts, Shock Nagasaki, Straitjacket, Genghis Tron, Anthrax, Breaking Benjamin, District, World War IX, Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Clockcleaner, Through the Eyes, The Alliance, Guns Up, The Exies, Boobie Trap, Kill Your Idols, Defiance, Cheap Sex, and Downtown Brown Click here

Cheese, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Jeffrey Foskett, Denver Harbor, Red Giant, Various Artists-"Apocalypse", Race the Sun, Cornerstone, Jumbos' Killcrane, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Chemical Burn, Hurry Up Offense, Various Artists-"SAW", Porn, The Chasm, U.D.O, Throcult, Denver Harbor, Seven Witches, Melvins + Lustmord, Lake of Tears, Eternal Flight, Rachel Fuller, Sparta, Hot Water Music, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tsjuder, WASP, I.C.E., The Never Enders, The Used, Annal Nathrakh, Jorn, Catch 22, Hoods/ Freya, The Hidden Hand, Hopesfall, The Wobblies, Circus, El Buzzard, The New Spain, Hirax, Born From Pain, Saint Angeles, Four Years Strong,Paria, and Cradle of Filth Click here

Antiseen, William Hung, Queen Esther, The Gizmos, Lisa Mychols, Steven Mark, Greg McLeod, Lonehawk, The Doobie Brothers, Danny Pruitt, Blake Shelton, Chris Warren, Me And My Monkey, The Sharpshooters, The Hurt, Maggie Kim, Symphony In DeMeanor, Cardinal Trait, Scott Farr, Five Wise, American Death, Electro-Requiem, Vernon Reid & Masque, The Good North, The Grannies, Tommy Stinson, George Elliot, Cantinero, David Francis, Collective Soul, "X-mas Snertz, Have A Very Gulcher Christmas!, Mare Edstrom, Ani Minasian, Lyza Wilson, Peter Murphy, Thundertrain, Red Glance, "Meet Me In The Time Tunnel, Obscure Powerpop From The Land Of The Lost 1978-1985, Shane Scott, Michael Maassimo, Jujitsu, Strychnine, Sacramento Scene Report, John Amen, Phyliss Addison, Die Warzau, Lejeune, Brookfield, Townhall, Qwas, Citizen Cope, Slang, Matt Boroff, The April Skies, The Chattanooga Experience III, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and The Sha-Pels. Click here

Lisa Mychols, "It Was 40 Years Ago Today", Traindodge, Jack Irons, The Screamin’ Mee-Mees, Channels, Guadalcanal Diary, Trashcan Sinatras, Riddle Of Steel, Glenn Tilbrook, Better Than Ezra, Maurizio Lauroja, This Is Exploding, Choo Choo La Rouge, Tizzy, Speak Easy, Holy Frog, 63 Crayons, Mosquitos, The Cringe, Blues Explosion, Pete Muller, Wild T & The Spirit, Cowboys International, Steve Frederic, Daniel Carlson, Five Eight, d. boon & friends, Steven Mark, Five Wise, New York Dolls, Unbounded Sky, Under the Influence: A Jam Band Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Scott Farr, Greg McLeod, Kimmy & KlassÚ, Lisa Dames, Gretchen Witt, Roadside Zoo, Trekkies 2 Official Soundtrack, Stiv Bators, Les Hell On Heels, 13 Stories, Camp Susannah, The Deep Eynde, Nancy Sinatra, Floorian, and Rosetta West. Click here

The Return, The Woggles, Sumner, Warp 11, Lost Weekend, Dreamend, NEO, Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars, Gaia Consort, Adrian Baker, "Is It Rolling Bob-A Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan Vol. 1", Joe Rathbone, Motorhead, 1999, Thee Fine Lines, The Jim-Jims, Lemon, Superhoney, Robin Stanley, Retisonic, The Returnables, The Narrator, Slang, Billi & Patti, Kokoon, Superelectric, Reigning Sound, Kilgore Trout, Tom Kafafian, George Elliot, Camper Van Beethoven, McLemore Avenue, Dennis Most And The Instigators, Goggle-A, Wild Sazanami Beat, Volume 1", The Short Happy Life, Holy Curse, The Building Press, The Cure, Ebon Tale, Elliott Sharp's Terraplane, Pushing Red Buttons, Longwave, The Awkward Romance, Jeanine, The Catholic Girls, Iron Savior, Churchill's Tractor, Stimulator, Shakin' In My Boots: A Texas Rock N' Roll Compilation, Amberjack Rice, Blue Sand, Vero, Eek A Mouse, Transcendence, The Wildhearts, Ruth Ruth. Click here

"Death By Salt", Spiney Norman, Brian Wilson, BMX, To My Surprise, Dennis Most & Audiolove, Larry Cordle & LST, Exploding F-Dolls, Coffin Lids, Dan Dugmore, Black Lips, The Prime Time Sublime Community Orchestra, Todd Rundgren, Jana, Whaleman, Peter DiStefano, Ben Kweller, Los Lonely Boys, Box O'Clox, George Mason & Friends, William Bates, Jordan Yaruss, Modest Mouse, Texas Terri Bomb, Die Hunns, Inner Terrestrials, Fizzle Like A Flood, Kevin K and the Real Kool Kats, Imaginary Bill, George Elliot, The Cogburns, iSOLA, The Bloody Hollies, Mystery Girls, The Willowz, Revenge, The Desert Fathers, Peter Searcy, Matthew Sweet, SlipKnoT and "Best of the Blues". Click here

The Darkness, Emerald Rose, Johnny Cheapo, Gun Crazy, Tsar, Cooterfinger, Handgun Bravado, Moonbabies, Orange Hat, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Leah Callahan, Dubrock, The Sunrays, Todd Rundgren, Utopia, The Bloody Lovelies, The Polyphonic Spree, Mark Gardener, Various Artists-"Club Dread", Brody & Quint, Ill Mic, Hamfatter, Probot, The Undertones, Thee Snuff Project, Churchill’s Tractor, Aledo, The Sha-Pels, Kristian Hoffman, T.S.O.L., Anton Barbeau, George Elliot, Nini Camps, Electric Six, The Yardbirds, Ness, Mike Kindred with Dexter Walker, Josh Aran, and Mason Jennings Click here

Lisa Mychols, Adrian Baker, Sha Na Na, Grandpaboy, Facetious, Kings Of Leon, Fountains of Wayne, "Moments of Suspension", Cari Lee & The Saddle-ites, The Woggles, Generation X, Milo, The Undertones, "Rockabilly Riot!", Galactic, Todd Steed And The Suns Of Phere, Scrape, The Halley Devestern Band, "Bonnaroo Music Festival 2003", Viva Stereo, "Promenade Food Compilation #1", Vue, Zucchero, Stellastarr, Red Bee Society, Alterstate, Let's Active, Charles Manson, Daniel Pruitt, Oceancolourscene, Kick In The Eye, Diffuse Light, Snatches Of Pink, Kevin K & The Real Kool Kats, Neurotic Swingers, Blue Epic, Robert Wheeler, Jennyanykind, Marat, The Talk, "The Best of Bluegrass", The Waukees and Marti Brom. Click here

Poco, Noctorum, Facetious, Marshall Keith, Black Moustache, Killing Joke, Paul Westerberg, The Joykiller and Charlotte Martin. Click here

Pushing Red Buttons, Some Girls, Mando Diao, Scattered Pages, The Shocker, Susan Hickey, Deadwood Forest, George Elliott, Saticoy, Buchanan, Joe Ely, 89 Mojo, Ringsend, Twiztid, Dakona, Steve Ripley, A Northern Chorus, "Fishing Music", Churchill's Tractor, Easy Star All-Stars, The Illuminati, Sparrowhawk, Simply Saucer, Chumbawumba, TECH N9NE, Mazeppa, Team Emu, Eve 6, Flashlight Brown, A Picturebook of Saints, Mike Pursley, Eric Hutchinson, Pierson/Parker/Janovitz, Government Issue, Down By Law, Johnny Marr & The Healers, and Electric Candy Shop. Click here

REVIEWS-May 2003
Peter Lacey, The Waking Hours, Wondermints, Townhall, Damone, Kings of Leon, Ringo Starr, Laura Love, Masked Superstar, Boston, Teenage Girls, Amberjack, Radio Theory, Spare Change, The Silver Thread, Gordon B. Isnor, Robert Wheeler, sodamnhip, Unloco, The Vibrators, 13 Stories, Napoleon Murphy Brock, The Sawtelles, Churchill’s Tractor, VUE, Hotwire, Josh Dodes, Buzzcocks, The Alarm, Emerald Rose, Handgun Bravado, "We’re A Happy Family-A Tribute To The Ramones", Pseudo Heroes and Dennis Most & The Instigators. Click here

REVIEWS-March 2003
Paul Melancon, Johnny Cash, Past Mistakes, Red Winter Dying, The Pyronauts, The French Broads, Hayseed Dixie, Tom Jessen, Dave Davies, Come On, SSG, Imaginary Bill, Jet City, Ant-Bee, Fizzle Like A Flood, Skywind, Chicken Mchead, Thinmen, Mana ERG, Double Eclipse, Atom Strange, Dennis Most and the Instigators, Hugh Cornwell, Mad Margritt, JunkBunny, Chester, Winterbrief, Blood Music, PC Phobia, Steve Wilson, The Fad, Mike Shupp, SR71, Clockwise,Phil Aiken, Tim Easton, The Soft Boys, Johnny Cheapo, Billy Jonas, Roddy Frame, Flickerstick, Incubus, Home Grown, Nuts In Your Mouth, Ether Net, Allday Afternoon, Boetz, Cooterfinger, Dolly Parton, Simon Felton, Dropped On the Head Vol. II, The Deviants, Paul McCartney, Avail and Morgan Finlay. Click here

REVIEWS-December 2002
George Harrison, Various Artists-"Rise Above-24 Black Flag Songs To Benefit The West Memphis Three", The Vandals, Various Artists-"20 Years Of Dischord" Various Artists-Box Set, ILL MIC, Da Vinci's Notebook, Full Dimensional, Mountain Mirrors, Red Jetson, Leisure McCorkle, Choo Choo La Rouge, Kinski Spiral, Why Intercept?, Shame Train, Various Artists-"Alive & Kickin' International Anthems", Richard Snow, Various Artists-"He's a Rebel: The Gene Pitney Story...Retold", Boetz, Quadraphonic, Carson, Come On, Neurotic Swingers, The Bitter Little Cider Apples, Chickens and Pigs. Click here

REVIEWS-October 2002
The Crayon Theatrical, The Wonder Boys, Radney Foster, Slow Jets, The Springfields, The Shakedowns, The Dream Is Dead, Andrew W.K., Hostile Omish, Pushing Red Buttons and Buffalo Tom. Click here

REVIEWS-August/Sept 2002
Asylum Street Spankers, Rob Halford, Tommy Keene, 4 Fourty, Making God Smile, Frank Cotolo, HiFiDriveBy, Henry Rollins, Jeniphoria, The Border Collies, Elaine Summers, Sunder, Milo, Trik Turner, The Miss, Amy Pike & the Last Cold Beer, Joel Tuttle, X and The Color Red. Click here

REVIEWS-June/July 2002
Wammo, Moonbabies, Stanley Smith, Nashville Pussy, Brian Wilson, Emerald Rose, Nova Social, Monkeys Uncle, Jello Biafra, Oasis, Carson, Bonepony, AthFest, the Get Up Kids, Hayseed Dixie, George Elliott and more. Click here

REVIEWS-May 2002
Hot Rod Circuit, William Bates, Duvall, Joey Ramone, The Wonder Boys, What If I, Hifidriveby, Sam Knutson, Weezer and Through The Woods. Click here

REVIEWS-March 2002
Beulah, Stan Ridgeway, Jon Dee Graham, The Buzzcocks, Garfields Birthday, Dash, The Unrequited Loves, Paula Kelly, Judas Priest, Ad Frank, Fragile X, DC Cooper, Gaia Consort, French Kicks, Brendan Benson, The Walkmen, The Reindeer Section, Sigur Ros, Karen Jacobsen, Masonic, Bedbug, Fivehead, The Dave Rave Group, The Redeemers, Linda Smith, the Mind Candy and more. Click here

REVIEWS-January 2002
Pink, Michelle Branch, Mest, Lunch With a Bouncing Space, The Kowalskis, Ramonetures, Simple Minds and more. Click here

REVIEWS-November 2001
Asylum Street Spankers, Van Gogh, the Woggles, Jackyl, Paul McCartney, the Diplomats, Cactus Patch, Steve Kilpatrick, Joe Bonamassa, Illbilly Records Compilation, James Richard Oliver, Spiney Norman, El Majo, Peter Frampton, the Eggnogs, Josh Dodes Band and more. Click here

REVIEWS-October 2001
Peter Lacey, Suicide Cat, Paul McCartney, ELO, The Monkees, Spacehog, Tizzy, the Mitchells, the Aloha Steamtrain, the Beach Boys and more. Click here

REVIEWS-August 2001
Billy Jonas, In Bloom, My Ruin, Jeff Evans, Burnt Taters, Hayseed Dixie, 13 Stories and more. Click here

REVIEWS-June 2001
Robert Mirabal, the Lead Feathers, AthFest 2001 Comp, Theadore Muddfoot, the Groobees, the Lovejoys, the Secret Admirers, Our Lady Peace, the Drysdales, Mercy Crush and Donna Lee Van Cott. Click here

REVIEWS-April 2001
Moonbabies, the Donnas, Flamin Anus, Cheese, Marlowe, Cheap Trick, the Lovejoys, Geddy Lee, Dog Fashion Disco, the BorderCollies and the Swinging Neckbreakers. Click here

REVIEWS-February 2001
Cassette Reviews:
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CD Reviews:
Stretford, the Masticators, Peter Frampton, 34 Satellite, the Lead Feathers and more. Click here

REVIEWS-December 2000
Cassette Reviews:
Releases from Best Kept Secret click here
CD Reviews:
Dan Bryk, The Alarm 2000 Box Set, Oasis, the French Broads, Bad Religion and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Christmas album! Click here

REVIEWS-October 2000
Garfields Birthday, Through the Woods and Wheatus.Click here

REVIEWS-August 2000
Emerald Rose, Chain Poets, Brian Wilson, the Woggles, and Billionaire. Click here

REVIEWS-June 2000
Peter Lacey, Hanging Francis, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy and AthFest 2000. Click here

REVIEWS-May 2000
Travis, Emerald Rose, Oasis, Cupcakes and Patron Ur Click here
Garfields Birthday, Coldfire and the Asylum Street Spankers. Click here

the Hamicks Click here

the Muffs, Stretford Click here

Double Eclipse, Buzzcocks Click here
Illuminati Click here

Jimmy D. Lane, Original Soul Project, Beastie Boys and Tiamat click here

Mad Margritt Click here

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