Beach Boys/Smile fanzine

Beach Boys/Smile Fanzine!

Here is a little of what to expect in the ROLL PLYMOUTH ROCK debut issue:

  • A defense of the LA (Light Album)
  • Fanthropology - the first in a series of classifications of different types of Beach Boys fan
  • An article about Mike Love's hair!
  • Four non-fans give their reactions to Smile
  • An interview with Jon Hunt
  • Andrew Hickey talks about his Dumb Angel webcomic
The price for an issue is $3 US or £1.50 UK. Although there is no web site for this publication, you can get more information by e-mailing:

And…it's the only fanzine I know of that's Printed in Hawthorne, California.

Want to read a sample article from this great fanzine? Andy O'Brien, of ROLL PLYMOUTH ROCK, has kindly granted us permission to print FANTHOLOGY, a sample article from the debut issue. To read FANTHROPOLOGY click here