A sample of what can be seen in:
Beatles Worldwide: An Anthology of Original LP-Releases

Christoph Maus' BEATLES WORLDWIDE (An Anthology of Original LP-Releases) is true EYE CANDY for Beatles fans. Although I already knew that several different countries had their own versions of Beatles albums (taking liberties with cover artwork AND song selection) - I simply had no idea that there were THIS many versions and enough to fill a book!

I'm going to show a few of my personal favorites from the book such as: the many variations on the WITH THE BEATLES COVER; Beatles wearing Eskimo outfits for their HOTTEST HITS, a totally different cover for RUBBER SOUL; the Shell logo on the HELP album; and the use of the Monkees logo (Wow, The Beatles copying the Monkees?). Then of course there are the many Russian albums which take many liberties in album design including: a different collage for REVOLVER; a totally different cover for HEY JUDE and the Russian record executive that added his face on the SGT. PEPPER cover!


French album with unique logo



WHITE ALBUM on two LP's from Chile

HOTTEST HITS from Denmark with Eskimo outfits?

Unique cover from Australia

Unique cover from Germany

Pyschedelic cover from Germany

East Germany's first Beatles release

RUBBER SOUL from Greece

The Beatles sell Shell gas? From Holland

Israeli album using "When I'm 64" parody

Mexican compilation album with unique artwork

Russian REVOLVER with different collage

Russian SGT. PEPPER with added face

Russian HEY JUDE album with different cover

Thailand-The Beatles do the Monkees? Check out that logo!

Columbian record of the Hamburg recordings

Of course the legendary "Butcher Cover"